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expanding electronic diversity

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AddThis is an international collaborative Netlabel devoted to independent electronic musicians with the goal of Expanding Electronic Diversity. EED was founded in 2004 by two like-minded friends David Tagg and David Shichman (formerly Dj Sheik-mon). The focus is on avenues of electronic music that do not usually get the attention they deserve. Check the site for more electronic music by Shichman, David Tagg, Mathieu Bauer, Omphalos, Mathieu Bauer, Another's Brass, BRTLMN, Rekall, Grurbangi, Music in 2D, Terry Douglas, and Suckling Infants

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 december improvi...  
december improvisations by-nc-nd
by christian graf+d'incise
on expanding electronic diversity
5 Tracks, 1 Artist 21'830 Downloads [i]