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The philosophy of the OBC-Rec(ords) label is unchanged since the formation in 2003. The focus is placed on the advancement of local producers by considering the lots of subspecies of electronic music. Based on the connection to the club “Alter Bahnof Halsbrücke” (till 2007) and the current club “Porzelline”, used as homebase for the crowd, we´re in constant touch with the local house- and technoscene. Due to this facts the spread of our music an the creative contributions are assured. We took a break of a few years after the first releases (OBC 01 and OBC-CD 01). But we used this time suggestive to be geared and adjust to the modified media scene. In April 2009 we restarted with this realignment. Since that time we´re focused on the digital releasing of music, whereas single releases on physical music sales are not excluded.

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 [OBC-NET023]   23  
23 by-nc-sa
by bernART
on OBC-Records
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '896 Downloads [i]
 [OBC-NET020]   Rewind Your Life...  
Rewind Your Life EP by-nc-sa
by Clemens Acidus
on OBC-Records
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '165 Downloads [i]
 [OBC-NET018]   Vacation on Isla...  
Vacation on Island Ruegen by-nc
Various Artists
on OBC-Records
4 Tracks, 2 Artists '244 Downloads
 [OBC-NET017]   The Swap  
The Swap by-sa
by O.S.R
on OBC-Records
5 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'130 Downloads [i]
 [OBC-NET016]   20 Years  
20 Years by-nc-sa
by O.S.R
on OBC-Records
23 Tracks, 1 Artist 8'464 Downloads
 [OBC-NET015]   Abfahrt  
Abfahrt by-sa
Various Artists
on OBC-Records
3 Tracks, 3 Artists '324 Downloads
 [OBC-NET014]   Last Decade  
Last Decade by-nc-sa
by Clemens Acidus
on OBC-Records
1 Track, 1 Artist '108 Downloads [i]
 [OBC-NET013]   LichtMonster  
LichtMonster by-nc-sa
by O.S.R
on OBC-Records
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '880 Downloads
 [OBC-NET012]   The Weekend St...  
The Weekend Strictly Techno by-nc-sa
by Ta-Lar
on OBC-Records
7 Tracks, 1 Artist 11'717 Downloads


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commie, OBC-Records
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