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Clemens Acidus

Last Update
2019-07-28 17:56:53

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Artist Profile

Not to put in a drawer! Clemens Acidus is following consequently his musical roots, which go back to the electronic substances from Depeche Mode and Anne Clark. This in mind he develops his music through new components, ideas and influences. His own productions can neither put in a drawer nor in a common genre. Whether old school or futuristic sound texture everything finds a place in his arrangements. Sound experiments with hard- and software range from danceable, hard industrial-technoid sounds to playful electro- and ambientracks. With his club-suitable live and Djsets you can regularly listen to his sounds on parties in Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin.

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 [OBC-Net009]   Bratzeln in der...  
Bratzeln in der Box Remixe by-nc-sa
Various Artists
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 [OBC-NET011]   Deep Silence Rem...  
Deep Silence Remixes by-nc-sa
Various Artists
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 [OBC-NET014]   Last Decade  
Last Decade by-nc-sa
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 [OBC-NET020]   Rewind Your Life...  
Rewind Your Life EP by-nc-sa
by Clemens Acidus
on OBC-Records
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '333 Downloads [i]
 [OBC-NET002]   Taciturn EP  
Taciturn EP by-nc-sa
by Clemens Acidus
on OBC-Records
5 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'030 Downloads [i]

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 OBC Records  
OBC Records [ext] by-nc-sa
De, Freiberg
19 Releases, 11 Artists
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