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Mission Statement
My name is Patrick-Vincent Herrera, or under my musician name: P.V. Herrera. I am a musician hailing from Calforina, US. My question to you is, are you a creative guitar player in the genres of ambient, shoegaze, post-rock or such alike. I'm not into the metal doom music or shredder, but if you do in a creative way, we want you too. You see, I am a musician and my goal is not money or profit or anything alike. I want to help musicians to have a label that is dedicated to promote their music to the extereme and focus on the genre that are know but are hard to accept to a major or indie label. This is DIY non-profit label, to help musicians look professional and to be heard. Feel free to send me an example of your music at

What Sounds or Music are You Looking for?

Mainly, we are looking for guitars player that are creative in creating textures and landcapes using guitar. Of cource we don't limit on what guitar (Electric or Acoustic) you use or what other insturements you use as long its guitar based. We want to focus on solo musicians but bands who are guitar based works well.

How the process works:

We like to do this on as a zip file on sonic squirrel as a free download.

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