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FeedbackLoop Label

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Available music in the web is a marvelous world to uncover, and ever since I came across the concept of Netlabels I was immediately stunned by the amount of music to discover. But shortly after I was overwhelmed by the fast paced releases and hard to find pearls (at least the ones that lasted more than 2 or 3 careful auditions). There are netlabels and record labels for all genres and you can find out there everything, but my intentions regarding the foundation of a label are based on two critical issues: listeners pleasure and tribute to the artist.

I want to release music that lasts one year, ten years, a lifetime, and that gives its listeners always a good reason to get back to it and also to promote as much as possible the artists that produce that music. I’m interested in the sensations that music transmits, its richness and its versatility.

The focus of the label will be releasing mp3 versions of the music in the web, but also physical objects. In order to do so, the modus operandi will be the following:

1. Totally free release of an ep (about 10-15 minutes) in the web. If listeners enjoy this release then they will have the opportunity to make donations via SellYourRights service in order to reach a minimum acceptable value. This value will support the physical edition of the album.

2. Once the limit is reached an album (about 30 minutes minimum) containing the ep will be released in the web for everyone to enjoy. If the limit is not reached your donation will not be charged.

3. Simultaneously to the release of the album on the web, physical copies will be produced and more promotion through specialized magazines and radios will be made, and anyone can buy it. The physical edition will have a careful design, so that the buyer can extend is pleasure from having an object with him (in some cases bonus tracks can be included)

Feedback Loop label will release very few editions per year (only 3-4 maximum).

If you are interested send me your demo for appreciation. All demos will be analyzed and either accepted or rejected you’ll have an answer as soon as possible (will depend on the amount of demos received). I only accept demos with at least 192 kbps and 44100 Hz. You can send me this files through yousendit or other similar service for the following email: feedbacklooplabel [at] gmail [dot] com. The released music will have to be either WAVE or AIFF format.

Feedback Loop Label will ONLY release music with Creative Commons licenses.


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MANIFESTO by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on FeedbackLoop Label
15 Tracks, 15 Artists 5'830 Downloads
 [FbL001]   Inbetween Train...  
Inbetween Train Stations by-nc-nd
by Rainbows
on FeedbackLoop Label
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '815 Downloads [i]


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Vitor Rua
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