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FeedbackLoop Label : Inbetween Train Stations

Catalog number
Playtime: 19:03 - 272kb/s - 30.36 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/02/15 18:03h



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Release Notes

FeedbackLoop Label presents it's first edition by Rainbows a project by Tiago Morgado playing viola, taking a step further on his approach explored with Songs for Someone. Since the start of FeedbackLoop Label I wanted Tiago to make an album that continued his journey, and he accepted the challenge. With the addition of repetitive viola phrases layered he constructed this piece called Inbetween Train Stations that hopefully will transport you, as it did to me, to those moments when the thrill of the adventure was exciting and its aftermath a nostalgic sensation.

The ep (track #1 & #5 of the full album) is available as a free download, and if you want to get the full album you can buy it for € 3.00 or more at>