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Diversifiedmusic was founded by Trilingo in 2010. The label released several free MP3s under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. As of 2012 releases will be on a commercial as well as on a noncommercial basis.

This website presents a collective of artists, who share a passion for making music. All artists are in contact with each other, both through production and friendship. Diversifiedmusic intends to release a large variety of music styles rather than focusing on a single style of music. This way you might encounter a new genre of music and open up to new styles of music.

Music production is a complex process which is not obvious to the consumer of music. It entails writing music, then recording and arranging it and finally making it sound good by mixing and mastering the work.

It might seem somewhat paradox to promote a Net-Label that gives out free MP3′s to the public and at the same time to mention how much hard work there is involved in finishing an Album or EP. But there is no profitable method of releasing music in today’s music industry anyway – except for a few lucky ones. Therefore artists are always better off making money by performing their music rather than selling it.

Being able to listen and download music for free doesn’t mean the long hours spent making the music aren’t paid off. Free downloads are a perfect method of promoting one’s music in a way that is independent from the big players in the music industry. It gives music consumers open and flexible access to a wide range of genres away from market-designed mainstream music. In fact, this liberates the music consumer from the prescriptive power of the big players in the industry and permits them to develop their own taste of music. At the same time it is an excellent avenue for the artist to make his or her work known.

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Various Artists
on Diversifiedmusic
6 Tracks, 3 Artists '953 Downloads [i]
 [DIVMUSIC002]   Wonderland  
Wonderland by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Diversifiedmusic
15 Tracks, 2 Artists 1'805 Downloads [i]
 [DIVMUSIC001]   Sound is Religio...  
Sound is Religion by-nc-nd
by One Dub Connection
on Diversifiedmusic
10 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'738 Downloads [i]


1 Release, 1 Label [i]
1 Release, 1 Label [i]