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Burning Cicada

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Music easily speaks for, and takes on a life of its own which of course must be shared to have effect, relevance, and epiphany. There is a space that is explored by the artist that reveals some kind of personal truth, this if offered, can usually translate to a shared experience. This revealing is somewhere between emotion and memory. It occurs over time, or in an instant. It is often not an easy path to find, but after time and the willingness to find beauty and truth, it does usually present itself in the form of a though or feeling. Many of our recordings are shared experiences of friends that define moments in the sharing, respect, trust, love. Music of course can be made and never known, but for us it is wearing that face, looking up, and having others see us for who we are and the places we have known. Please enjoy the experience of our music, and hear the voices that helped give it breath, substance, and life. Thank you for giving it relevance to your own life experience. Our Release of Red Cicadas can also be found here in Flac, Wave,and Ogg Vorbis.

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