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Last Update
2019-07-31 02:23:00

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Artist Profile

“theAudiologist” is the artist name of Andrew Paterson (b. 30th June 1984), an electronic artist from Kilmarnock, Scotland.

theAudiologist crafts the most tranquil and surrendering of sounds, these opining overtures tingle and twinkle with all the suspended charm and beauty of frosted ice sculptures, both dainty and delicate - alluring and arresting their sepia trimmed treatments tremble as though melancholic mirages of fragmented memories rippling through the ether, sweetly bitter in design and sensitive and spectral in texture. … these twilight treats are best viewed in the stillness afforded by a nocturnal setting that way they are able to unfurl their shyly reclined persona.

He has released two full length LP’s - Question Everything & Ophiuchi and an EP consisting of remixes of tracks by friend and frequent collaborator, Nonima. He co-founded and manages the UK’s Section 27 label and appear on the roster as part of Altered:Carbon and Mitoma.

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 [S27-087]   Idios Kosmos  
Idios Kosmos by-nc-nd
by theAudiologist
on Section27
13 Tracks, 1 Artist 7'782 Downloads [i]
 [S27-027]   Sectioned  
Sectioned by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Section27
27 Tracks, 27 Artists 7'771 Downloads [i]
 [S27-043]   We Are One  
We Are One by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Section27
51 Tracks, 51 Artists 15'256 Downloads [i]

Related Labels

Section27 [ext] by-nc-nd
Uk, Scotland
34 Releases, 199 Artists
electronica idm dnb experimental ambient glitch breaks techno minimal electro industrial dub hip-hop downtempo abstract chill glitch-hop leftfield  
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