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peppino giacomuzzo and the system seven

Last Update
2019-07-29 21:51:21

Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Artist Profile

Band formed in Detroit/Napoli in the late 80`s .... with musicians from all over the world like: Detroit, Napoli, Chicago, N.Y.C. & Motnego Bay and so on .... influenced from funk, r&b & soul .... founded by Peppino "Beppe" Giacomuzzo containing a wide range of feat. artists as well.

Guitar/Lead Guitar: Peppino "Beppe" Giacomuzzo (Napoli)
Keys/Synths: Jimmy "Lo Stecchino" D`Amoroso (Cosenza)
Drums: Fulvio "The Human Drummachine" Pediscopo`(Napoli)
Sampling + Software/Beat Programming: Joey Dalton (NYC)
Vocals/Background: Screaming Jack Flemming (Detroit)
Percussion: Johnny Sposito (Napoli)
Sax: Chuck "The Snake" Harris (Philadelphia/Napoli)
Bass: Doug "The Duck" Wilson (Montego Bay)

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