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2019-07-30 07:04:46

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Artist Profile

Nigul it’s a project builded to explore and investigate the relationship between fear and sound experimentation. Nigul works with different field recordings, programming synthesizers and appropriating sounds from everywhere. He also plays with sounds from different sources as films or Classical music. Nigul got the influence from Dark Ambient, electronic experimentation and minimalism.

Over layering all this source sounds Nigul builds dark soundscapes fully wrapped of mystery. Sometimes he plays randomly to let strange things happen and to permit delicious coincidences. Aswell with some sound accidents Nigul conforms he’s personal approach to electronic music. Its sound it is deep, hollow and dense, Nigul’s work it’s a stream where to dive and discover new worlds and fears. The work of Nigul talks about mystery shadows and what remains beneath it.

After a few self-published references and some gigs, In 2006 Nigul starts to collaborate with Störung Label making some live sets for it and contributing with some tracks for it's compilations.

In 2007 Far From Showbiz releases the first Nigul EP, this is “Esperant la Nit”. After that, at the end of December 2007, the Polish netlabel Kaos Ex Machina publishes the first Nigul LP called “Pedra, Sang”. Early this year the collaboration with the video artist Hipnosia Visual Z Project starts to merge Nigul’s sound with live processed visuals.

In 2008 and 2009 he collaborates with Audiotalaia netlabel publishing a couple of releases and a collaboration with it's owner Edu Comelles.

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