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Last Update
2019-07-28 06:46:06

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Artist Profile

lackluster has his earthly roots planted deep in the concrete forests of kontula, finland.

however, his music is closer to nature than to his suburban origins. lackluster's sonic whirlpool has kept on spinning original music from it's epicentre for over a decade now. lackluster prefers analogue over digital, living synths over static samples.

almost like nature's own designs, the sound of lackluster consists of intricately woven organic rhythms and warm melodies, which resonate in perfect harmony.

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 [diginet002] lax...  
[diginet002] lax ep 
by lackluster
on digilog
7 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'164 Downloads
 cdr#2 (mtkcdr001...  
cdr#2 (mtkcdr001) 
by lackluster
on monotonik
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '870 Downloads
Various Artists
on monotonik
54 Tracks, 36 Artists 136334 Downloads
Various Artists
on kahvicollective
38 Tracks, 19 Artists 89'472 Downloads
Various Artists
on monotonik
4 Tracks, 2 Artists 3'239 Downloads
 MP3 EP  
Various Artists
on monotonik
22 Tracks, 4 Artists 8'913 Downloads
 [ZIMMER075]   Nikola Tesla 1...  
Nikola Tesla 155 by-nc
Various Artists
on Zimmer-Records
35 Tracks, 34 Artists 37'055 Downloads [i]
 not an ep  
not an ep 
by lackluster
on corewatch
6 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'544 Downloads
 one offsEp @ mon...  
one offsEp @ monotonik. 
by lackluster
on monotonik
6 Tracks, 1 Artist 2'251 Downloads
 schall 005 var...  
schall 005 various artists... 
Various Artists
on schall
8 Tracks, 5 Artists 1'807 Downloads
 [BP033]   The Nines  
The Nines by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Bypass
9 Tracks, 8 Artists 8'003 Downloads [i]
 you are on my mi...  
you are on my mindEP 
by lackluster
on monotonik
5 Tracks, 1 Artist '610 Downloads

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corewatch [ext] 
26 Releases, 33 Artists
idm experimental to chill digital  
kahvicollective [ext] by-nc-nd
Uk, Portsmouth
16 Releases, 26 Artists
electronica idm to dance to chill analog digital  
monotonik [ext] by-nc-nd
94 Releases, 130 Artists
digilog [ext] by-nc-nd
Greece, Thessaloniki
12 Releases, 20 Artists
electronica idm to dance to chill analog digital  
Bypass [ext] by-nc-nd
Cn, Beijing
54 Releases, 55 Artists
electronica idm art materials field records experimental ambient glitch  
schall [ext] by-nc-nd
13 Releases, 13 Artists
 Zimmer Records  
Zimmer Records [ext] by-nc
159 Releases, 202 Artists
electronica dj-set ambient electronic breaks techno minimal downtempo acid abstract trance deep dub-techno chillout deep techno  
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