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img 02

Last Update
2019-07-25 16:07:37

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Artist Profile

img_02 Aliases:Dub Techniques,Zaq
Zak Famellos was born in September 1987 and raised in Greece.He became interested in electronic music above the trance and ambient hype.
Late 90's he began to concern intensively with electronic music and started to collect music,mix tracks,built mixtapes with tape recorders infected by the disco tapes and vynils of his parents.
In the middle of the 00's and in the age of 16 he discovered and seducted by pioneers of Trance/Ambient music.
He studied about electronics and year by year he managed to set up his own studio working parallel with Reggae Artists Like Zoao Afroso.
There in 2006 he started studing about the Dub phenomenon.Dub captured him and push him to another frequency level.
Dub music was .the winner at all.
Working with another project "Dub Techniques" he learned day by day the magical mystics and techniques in dub and 2008 Zak is with a lot of work in his hands.
2012 found him with his first Release on Insectorama label (Founded by Markus Masuhr)

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De, Leipzig
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