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2019-07-29 06:44:18

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Artist Profile

fernando s. torres quit painting and started experimenting with tape music and other no-fi audio manipulations in the early 80's
In 1985, under the name annexus can, was one of the few people involved in the birth of the now semi-legendary (though virtually unknown) CAN DO GARFO (CDG),a dada-n-drugs-inspired irrational improrovisation isolationist collective, probably the first, and possibly still the only of its kind in brazil. paralell to his work with CDG, fst continued his researches and recordings in a more studio oriented, artificially controlled envirment.mid-90's formed and leaded Porno-Punk, a (real) sex and (real) violence street-punk live band, wich lasted for a few months.2001 starts KKFS, a plunder-pop minimal digital persona involving one software, old lp's samples and gear malfunction.joins Mmendes on Fronha Records in 2003, producing and releasing many albums and collaborating in a number of
projects such as Junkers, As Criança Feia, Sindome, Still Being Improvidsation, Fronha Coletiva, etc, etc.In 2004 starts collaborating with Liz, and, associated with Plano B record shop, produces the Plano B Live Sessions, wich becomes the only regular venue for expermental music in Rio de Janeiro. By the end of the year quits Fronha to start his own label, Menthe de Chat

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