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Last Update
2019-07-31 13:24:47

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Artist Profile

*~{O_o}~*fleep*floop*initialising sub-system 3.x0 – Queen’s English*begin transmishun*~{o_O}~

fifebot is a bronze age robot from Dunino, Fife. Constructed in 1000 BCE during the Late Bronze Age period by a technologically advanced proto-fifeian tribe of wizard-scientists. Whilst journeying to a neighbouring village fifebot fell into a cavernous hole, during the fall a rock knocked fifebot’s on/off switch to the off position and there fifebot lay, hidden from the world, until an archeological team in 1985 uncovered fifebot’s resting place. The evil team leader, Noquester McCracken, wanted to use fifebot for his own personal gain but luckily his smart and beautiful second in command Lila Goomshoes helped fifebot to escape.

Since I fifebot’s miraculous escape from the cavern and the clutches of the evil Professor McCracken, fifebot has spent most of its* time roaming far and wide throughout the Kingdom, even on occasion venturing as far as the capital. The purpose of this dangerous journey has been to collect and collate tales of the tallest order, some come in the form of prose, others as roboetry, yet others are conveyed merely as sound.

In 2011 fifebot performed a system scan and found its memory banks to be full enough to commence the sharing of these tales.

This then is the culmination of fifebot’s vast voyage of peril. Here for your listening pleasure is fifebot’s memory dump, re-scanned and altered on a sub-musical level in order that mere humans may hear the fruits of fifebot’s labours. Expect additional memories to be added on an ongoing basis to this place upon the sonic net.

*~{-_-}~*end transmishun*floop*fleep*~{-_-}~*

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