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Last Update
2019-07-30 18:11:49

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Artist Profile

BORN- June 10,1979 Augusta, Maine
Schooling: Monmouth(ME) School System 1984-1997; Bard College (NY)(Electronic Music/Economics) (1997-2001)
Evan Morris has no interest in being like other people that perform live electronic music with laptops, who just stare really intensely their screen while they play solitaire(or whatever) and play back their songs on a CD. Well, maybe not everyone is doing this but how can you tell. Instead Evan in reaction to this behavior, has built his own hardware/software interface to at least try in make things a little bit more interesting because, how interesting is staring at someone who never moves. I mean to say that Evan’’s hardware interface has pretty lights that dance around. />>

 something I can'...  
something I can't quite see 
by evanMorris
on lostscience
9 Tracks, 1 Artist '392 Downloads
 wavering eyes  
wavering eyes 
by evanMorris
on lostscience
12 Tracks, 1 Artist 11'046 Downloads

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