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Last Update
2019-07-31 03:56:49

Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Artist Profile

lush pastures of tone and colour, nuance and subtlety, structural minimalism..

eager to translate the soundscapes in his head into audible format, cloudburst (tim westcott) has spent the last decade or so learning how this can be done via electronic composition, found sounds, and a thirst for tonal re-interpretation and DSP-lensed interaction with the here and now.

tim lives in portland, oregon with his wife and children, and is always interested in new opportunities to perform/DJ/collaborate.

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 [RB025]   katedra  
katedra by-nc-nd
by cloudburst
on restingbell
3 Tracks, 1 Artist 3'130 Downloads [i]

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restingbell [ext] by-nc-nd
De, Berlin
110 Releases, 74 Artists
electronica noise field records in the cave experimental to chill  
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