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angel galan

Last Update
2019-07-27 14:24:04

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Artist Profile

angel galan_madrid_spain: kraftwerk, carl craig, herbie hancock, herbert, john tejada and detroit-berlin are the main basis for a music concept full of sentiment and constant evolution. since 1998, in asociation with m.lastra y juan-ilio, -orbita 3- on rvk, forms part of the group -animatek_rave- who specialise in outdoor events in madrid. together with sergio rodriguez they bring together -groove lee & funk norris-, reflecting their passion for black music. since 2006 directed with m. lastra and daoun, via the audiovisual platform -++sensor- they set their path to production. the music of angel galan is powerful passion. you have to take some time to listen to every detail included in his fine minimal moments.

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