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andrey kiritchenko

Last Update
2019-07-26 13:37:24

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Artist Profile

Andrey Kiritchenko is an experimental sound artist who connects different fields of music. He combines acoustic and digital aesthetics, melodies and noise. His interests are directed into the microscopic sound design and post-digital production. Inter alia he also uses acoustic instruments, f.e. the guitar. He explores their tones and afterwards digitally develops them to gain new perspectives on music and to grow different sculptures of sound.

His extraordinary live performances could already be seen at different european places, for example at Club Transmediale, Garage Festival, RX:TX, RIXC and many more. His gig on the netlabelfestival is the first opportunity for the swiss audience to dive into his own world of sounds. By the way, he was already awarded with some important prizes ("the best Ambient artist" by 2002, Quartz awards winning release 2005).

Meanwhile there are already thirty releases available on labels such as Ad Noiseam, Zeromoon, SPEKK, DTA, Retina-Scan, Thinner/Autoplate, Notype/Nishi, Soulworm, FGLC, WAN, Tiln and on his own - Nexsound. With his own label he does the pioneer work in the field of experimental electronic music in the Ukraine and helps other artists and musicians to be heard by a broader audience. />>

Various Artists
on nexsound
7 Tracks, 7 Artists 7'438 Downloads
 fourfold symmetr...  
fourfold symmetry 
Various Artists
on nexsound
2 Tracks, 2 Artists 1'707 Downloads
 true delusion  
true delusion 
by andrey kiritchenko
on nexsound
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '794 Downloads
 va Polyvox Popul...  
va Polyvox Populi 2 
Various Artists
on nexsound
16 Tracks, 16 Artists 15'237 Downloads

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