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Wolfgang Kirchheim

Last Update
2019-07-29 01:14:45

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Artist Profile

Wolfgang Kirchheim was born in Bad Bergzabern, a small town in the Palatinate wine region, in 1983. Being trained in classical instrumental music during childhood and youth, he developed an inclination for improvisation and started composing with pen and paper. Eventually his interest shifted to electronic music production.

In early 2004 he co-founded 'Glaswald', a jam collective focussing on psychedelic free-form ambient improvisation. It would become the starting point for all further musical explorations. He began to collaborate with members of the Schoenermusic netlabel in 2005 and since then has contributed to the development of the mutual acousmatic composing style 'Tsunami', which deals with the decontextualization and mythologization of TV or video game samples.

With or without such media content, most of Kirchheim's work has a narrative streak, providing the listener with a musical frame for imagination and reflection, thereby concentrating the mind and bringing it back to itself.

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