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Last Update
2019-07-25 15:38:51

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Artist Profile

Usit (Usa-Italy) is a transcontinental duo consisting of guitarists Jeff Duke (Ocala, Florida) and Gaetano Fontanazza (Enna, Italy).

Formed in 2009, with several releases available on Bandcamp and now even on Sucumusic, they met on Looper’s Delight, an online community. Livelooping tecnique, together with massive real time signal manipulation is one of the peculiarity of their way of playing. Space ambient and drones are the stylistic results of the duo, who puts improvisation in creative process as their top priority.

Using Ninjam (an online protocol which allows real time online playing) they realized several jams, some of which even videostreamed.

Jeff and Gaetano had the opportunity to meet in 2010 during the International Livelooping Festival in Santa Cruz (CA).

- Luca Sproviero

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