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2019-07-28 00:53:18

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Artist Profile

Trilingo is an electronic music producer, songwriter and DJ. Alex was born in Sydney Australia in 1985. He learned the drums and several percussion instruments and has performed in numerous bands. Since 2005 he has produced a large variety of music. Trilingo’s work is characterized by genres such as trip hop, drum n’ bass and psychedelic trance. Over many years, his holistic view of sound has helped him to develop a diversified musical lifestyle.

Over the years he has become a versatile artist, producing a range of music styles and genres: Dub-oriented and beat-minded music - produced together with M. Frank. This work is known as One Dub Connection;
Ambient, down tempo and drum n’ bass – produced as Trilingo; Progressive psychedelic trance – produced as Psyfly, Knistrn and Trilingo; Electro/rap together with Muerte, hai Mitch and Dj Ridju – known as Schulstrassen Rapresent. Trilingo releases: 2006 several tracks on ENEMYMOVEMENT; 2008/2010 BEATADDICTION recordings; 2010 DIVERSIFIEDMUSIC. Trilingo’s work in orthopedagogy has encouraged him to develop his own approach to music education for disabled people, based on the positive effect of music on the human spirit.

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