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Last Update
2019-07-25 20:35:15

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Artist Profile

Tomzn is a young upcoming german producer, who´s breaking the edges between the electronic genres without looking back at usual standards. Grewing up in the far east of saxonia, germany, he became infected with the passion for electronic dance music. Next to tentativ steps in djing with the age of 17, he started to produce his first simple loop-tracks without loosing the joy of djing with the black gold. Tomzn constantly increased his production-skills with permanent looking for new sounds and rhythms without devoting to one kind of style. After his first release on ETOKA Miniature, his publicity is rising continuosly and so he catched the attention of some established labels like DOMA Musique, ETOKA Shapes, Incense Records or Age of Aquarious Records, fueled by his unique style. His goals are having fun with music and drawing a smile in the face of people, who listen to it.

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