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The Love Songs

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:38:16

Give Love
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Artist Profile

The Love Songs is the amazing one man arkestra Sven Swift. Swift lives in the North of Germany, runs the CDR- and Netlabel and writes reviews about free music at Phlow Magazine and his own blog Reality knows him as a loving husband, overnight PhD-student in Biochemistry and collector of comics and music both free and commercial. Whenever there’s a free minute, Swift slips into his cosy rehearsal room and heats up the keyboards.

Besides an ongoing compilation of abstract field-recordings, The Love Songs is about drone music. Genuinely made of analogue synthesizers and effect pedals, Sven Swift is looking for the physicality of sound in his huge, harmonious compositions and improvisations. Every transistor-loop is accessible, every single feedback-sine is welcome. Music as voltage, music as a cluster single wave forms, now you've got it! Asked for inspiration, Krautrock, Minimal Music and Vogelgezwitscher were the obvious answers.

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