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Tha Silent Partner

Last Update
2019-07-27 08:50:04

Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Artist Profile

Since 2000, Tha Silent Partner has been coming into his own. Not content on sounding like anyone, he's taking risks which in part has kept him under the radar. "I'm cool with the fact that I'm still unknown. I have plenty of time. I rather work on being orignal than sound like every other beatmaker in the bean(BOSTON)." Tha Silent Partner's discography is a true testament of his experimentation. His 2003 disco house ep, the ill-fated "Tha Immaculate EP was released. Two years later in 2005, TSP released "Collective Silence". A 7- track album that combine a classical score with hardcore Hip Hop beats. Collective Silence shared the same fate as the EP, But to him it was a learning process.

That same year, TSP joined the net label and released a series of sfx and exclusive tracks based on downtempo electronica and ambient sounds. It was a success................ In less 4 months with no promotion- his works tallied a total of 2000 down loads. His works were also included an living art exibit hosted in Boston by Opsound, use in a mmog movie and featured in a online newcast seen by 1000's via youtube.

More success followed at the end of 2006 when he hooked up with another Opsound artist- Cold_ELF. Together they released the remix opus-Silent_ELVES in Feb 2007. Cold's sound mixed with TSP's production recevived rave reviews(including a 6/10 rating) and over 2000 downloads.

But He hasnt stop there........ Also in 2007, TSP hooked up and coming Boston MC- MDOT of the group EMS(experimental mindstate) to drop the digital single "Give it Up". Also He's the executive producer of Fellow EMS member MAYHEM's solo debut lp(TSP's also supplying production)

.......But Wait.....there's more. TSP also hooked up with a like-mind beatsmith out of London, England who goes by the name of The Unknown Artist. Together they have formed "MUTE" A instrumental hiphop team hell bent on releasing good music. Since April They have been working on their debut lp " Pavement Politics Vol.1", which will be coming shortly. The MUTE debut wil be released on TSP's own netlabel "Me,Life&MUSIC Netlabel Group(MLM Netlabel Group)"

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