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Th.e n.d

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:38:08

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Artist Profile

Hailing from Berlin, Th.e n.d enjoys and creates many types of music, provided that they have stories to tell. He loves piano, just as he loves drums and percussion, guitar and actually any instrument or implement thanks to which the human hand can produce musical sounds.The sound may also owe much to experiment, research and free-thinking. For his music is not to be left shut away in drawers and to be kept by for the sake of serving as examples. It wants to resound freely and authentically in the world and in this way send the listener on a journey whose destination he may determine for himself

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 [enrmp326]   Annodam 94  
Annodam 94 by-nc-sa
by Th.e n.d
on enoughrecords
12 Tracks, 1 Artist '913 Downloads [i]
 [MIXG016]   Metaphors  
Metaphors by-nc
by Th.e n.d
on MixgalaxyRecords
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'924 Downloads [i]
 Schizophrenic Bi...  
Schizophrenic Birth 
by Th.e n.d
on Acustronica
1 Track, 1 Artist 84 Downloads [i]

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enoughrecords [ext] by-nc-sa
Pt, Coimbra
517 Releases, 513 Artists
electronica idm noise art materials in the cave at the beach experimental to chill analog digital  
MixgalaxyRecords [ext] by-nc-nd
31 Releases, 77 Artists
idm experimental ambient breaks melodic  
Acustronica [ext] 
40 Releases, 29 Artists
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