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2019-07-30 17:37:55

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Artist Profile

Taxim is a dark electro and experimental project from Essen, Germany. It was founded by Alex Ney in 1996 as a one-man project. The current line-up consists of: Alex (music, lyrics, vocals, bass), Kat (keyboard, vocals) and M.R. (guitars, vocals). Besides their dark main releases, Taxim occasionally produce electro punk albums.

In the early years (1996-1999) Alex moved through several, mainly alternative music styles (e.g. neoclassic, dark wave, ebm and medieval folk), while he specialised in dark electro and electro-industrial in the early new millenium. However, all Taxim outputs are stylistically very mixed.

Taxim became internationally known through their US debut album "Ecclesiophobia" (2006) that stood out for it’s unusual fast and dirty produced electro-industrial tracks. Earlier, Alex caught some international attention with his "SynthieTrax 64" series, because it was released at a time when game soundtrack remixes were still very rare.

The most noticeable feature of Taxim's music is that it's kept instrumental (occasionally supported by so called cut-up samples). Traditionally, a Taxim album includes one sung song, though (mostly sung by Alex).

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