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Last Update
2021-10-08 09:39:56

Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Artist Profile

“Llevo escribiendo música electrónica (techno, tech house, experimental y otros estilos) desde hace 15 años. Me gusta descubrir cosas nuevas en los ritmos y estilos, pero me centro en las canciones largas y profundas con melodías.
Mis últimos trabajos están gravados en directo con instrumentos analógicos (drum machine, synth). Los temas analógicos los lanzo como Stakalive.”
“Writing electronic music (techno, tech house, experimental and other styles) about 15 years. I like to find new in beats and style, and focused at long deep tracks with melody.
The last works are recorded live at analogue instruments (drum machine, synts). The analogue themes i released as Stekalive.

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 [SLC45]   Deals EP  
Deals EP by-nc-sa
by Stekalive
on Soisloscerdos
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '160 Downloads
 [SLC42]   Europa EP  
Europa EP by-nc-sa
by Stekalive
on Soisloscerdos
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '476 Downloads
 [SLC63]   Forward Ep  
Forward Ep by-nc-sa
by Stekalive
on Soisloscerdos
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '368 Downloads

Related Labels

Soisloscerdos [ext] by-nc
Es, Barcelona
77 Releases, 35 Artists
idm noise electronic techno electro industrial acid techstep chiptune acid techno ebm drum and bass  
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