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Last Update
2019-07-28 15:10:22

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Artist Profile

Spheruleus is a young sound designer from Lincolnshire UK called Harry Towell. He has recorded under the Spheruleus banner since 2009 and released through netlabels such as Test Tube, Earth Mantra and his own netlabel Audio Gourmet.
In 2010 his debut CD album 'Frozen Quarters' came out on the magnificent Under The Spire imprint. 2010 was also the year in which Harry established his Audio Gourmet netlabel, which specialises in releasing 15 minute ‘tea-break’ EPs.

Harry as an artist is influenced by several genres of music from drone and ambient through to more acoustic and modern classical styles. His own production output varies through the full spectrum of these influences and his intention is to keep exploring different channels and ideas. Aside from sound, Harry draws inspiration from his rural surroundings, the outdoors and all things old.

In 2011, he has several plans including the release of his second CD album 'Voyage', on Hibernate records as well as releasing the debut Paper Relics album in which he records alongside his brother Stuart.

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