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Purple Mountain Peal

Last Update
2019-07-31 02:04:14

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Artist Profile

Purple Mountain Peal is a project where improvisation and live sound processing interact as in a post-nuclear jam, thus creating music which flows and spins and ricochets and soars up to the sky, to finally reach the centre of the earth. Ambient music for humanoids stranded on whatever desert shores remain when everything disappears. Sheets of sound, minimalist patterns, quirky melodic structures and the odd jazzy touch float free, sometimes backed by Pulsar-like rhythms, whispers from faraway planets of the mind, and drones which carry the listener out and away.


Gaetano Fontanazza (live sound processing, guitar, electronics, post production) has been active for years, producing ambient music as Pseudo, as a member of Italian-American project Usit, with Jeff Duke, and as a member of the electronic band Nen.T.E.

Tony Colina (piano, keyboards) has been involved for years in several musical projects, spanning a variety of genres.

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