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Peter Cellar

Last Update
2019-07-30 09:36:01

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Artist Profile

Peter Cellar is a well known producer and DJ from the Brixton underground scene. Bored of the UK club scene, Cellar took a time-out in Switzerland in the mountains of Murren, spending the summer in a small chalet. Isolated from everyday life, the specialist for tough breaks developed a new electronic sound, created with a mac book and a microphone only. “The sound is influenced by childlike pop music, brought by the vast nature of the Swiss alps”, he tells. Mixed with my club background, the sound is amazing!” Indeed, Cellar neglects the common structure of dance tracks and focuses on naive melodic songs. What’s next? Off course, returning to his headquarter in London and check out the new sound with his homies. “Those tunes for Electric Brixton? Man, don’t know. Guess, some friends have to remix the stuff” (smile).

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