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Oval 23

Last Update
2019-07-28 07:57:59

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Artist Profile

Town: born in Eberswalde (Deutschland) - Choice citizen of Berlin since 2000
first bought LP: Dead Kennedy´s (Lpp-043) - bought in the Polish cultural center near Alexanderplatz in Berlin in the year 1988
Vinyl Disk collection: becomes larger from year to year - enough to equip my vinylstock before each presenting with at least 65% of other vinyls
first Mix in front of people: was in the winter of 95/96 in a by friends squatted house in Eberswalde
further in these Club's: Tresor
Ostgut / Panoramabar
Laboratorium / Neuron (Stettin, Polen)
diverse Club´s and Party´s in Berlin and Surrounding

your most unforgettable Party's up to now: a very special thing was the Ostgut / Panoramabar and Snaxclub
the parties in Szczecin from the Neuroshocked people are also very good (Poland) - nice and very hospitable people

the best at presenting: if the Pa tunes and the people going off well
the worst at presenting: no Monitorbox or dj´s who have bad mood and are pushing, almost as bad as if your equipment or vinyls are stolen.
on the road always with me: very good friends
things with which you can open bottles

help against hangover: a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of asperin
Hobby´s: cooking for very good friends
my dog
buying vinyls and music equipment
rag fairs and junk markets

how did you start producing: It has began all with my first pc and the software Rebirth from Propellerheads (damn good acid 303 simulation) and Reason 1.0! After a while also various hard and software instruments were added whereby my bedroom was converted into a small Homestudio! (to the pain of my co-inhabitants - grins!)
Projects: a very good friend (Andre Falkenhorst) talked with me if i not have the desire to participate in a netlabel, what i could not reject. I found this idea very interesting and in this process my name Oval 23 has been formed.

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