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One Dub Connection

Last Update
2019-07-26 21:03:26

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Artist Profile

One Dub Connection are Alex Pienemann and Marvin Frank from Berlin and Muenster Germany.
The duo played together in several bands as teenagers and started to develop there own producing and recording techniques. While Alex was concentrating on producing drum ‘n bass and trip hop known as the project Trilingo, Marvin moved to Berlin and soon started writing dub and reggae songs known as the project Dub Poetry.

In 2009 the corporation of both artists has come to life in a One Dub Connection. The duo have always been keen on playing various genres of music which has led them to produce an expanding conscious artifice of music that is very difficult to clarify.

“In a life of constant stimulation from the environment we live in the most people can’t seem to get any relief from all the hectic in the world. Not everything needs to be fast. The combination of dub orientated, beat minded and oriental instruments truly lets you escape from the stressful world,” explain Marvin and Alex.

As a result of their sophisticated instrumental knowledge, their live performances are especially innovative using numerous live instruments such as Bass, Guitar, Percussions and Keys.

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