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Number Eleven

Last Update
2019-07-30 19:45:11

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Artist Profile

"My pseudonym Number Eleven doesn't state that I, as a human being am number eleventh. The pseudonym just states the number, without any meaning or astrological nonsense. It would be the same if I wrote it "11"."

Number Eleven is an intermediate between the typical everyday routine and his twisted mind of enhancing everything that is wrong, to the point of absolute corruption of the worldview, resulting in an absolute chaos of wrong ideas in everyday life trying to find the means of propulsion.

It may sound that he is "death metal" depressive 16-year-old boy failing in all relationships walking with pajamas around the city with scarred hands, constantly mumbling that everything's wrong and shouting "anarchy".

His colour palette consists of two colours, which strictly highlights the contours of abstract things and ideas generating inside the artificial world of his music, which is influenced by the flow of everyday routine and unexpected events.

His albums, from the first to the last will represent a continuous line of actual events, possibilities, hopes, surprises, depresses, uplifts, and everything else, resulting in a thought, an idea, a reaction of a cognitive human brain, and the current situation is being recreated in a form of sound, music, picture, and a moving abstraction, the four contents of his artificial world.

Each album is an event of changed thinking structure and it has its own symbol - either a simple circle or a triangle, or undefined shape. He does not count his life by years, he counts it by albums. Starting from emotional, hopeful and sad Indefinable, moving on to a constant destruction and reconstruction of his views on influences.

It sounds emotional and poetic, but it's far from a creative human being. His music consists of continuously worsening insomnia, instant noodles, energy drinks, cigarettes, radical worldview, pure, cold and emotionless thoughts of gaining power over irrational emotions.

He may not sound inspiring, he may even sound revolting by his angry, brain-ripping attack of scaring immediate changes and constant, incredibly intensive logical and cold forging, killing all hope and colours just to gain control to continue finding more propulsion to move on.

He describes everything as "Corruption, clusterfuck and instant noodles".

He has released his first album "Indefinable" on Electron Emitter and it quickly became the most popular release on the label. He debuted as an audiovisual musician in Mosėdis, quickly following to a more complex next performance in Paviljonas on his 19th birthday, 2015. He has been interviewed by various Lithuanian musicologists and radio shows.

"It is fun that people learn from Autechre, not from Nirvana." said Muk

His performances are incredibly intense in sound, and audio reactive material. He is known for his complex, fast and powerful rhythmic combinations mixed with spacious backgrounds.

His style is undefined, unlimited and constantly changing - from ambient-ish, industrial-ish, orchestral...-ish experimental? He can't really be fitted into a genre or style, so his music is just labeled as experimental, or simply electronica as Number Eleven describes.

Also, he's in a constant process of experimenting, finding new sounds, new areas, new ways to express the forms, so not only we will get his diary reminding album story, but also a lot of stupidly named EP's, such as "Pickled Alligators" containing experiments, unfinished ideas and sketches.

If you want to read more about him from the artist himself, he has "sarcastically stupid" bio page on his website:

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