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Last Update
2019-07-30 17:34:19

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Artist Profile

Nen.T.E. is an electronic music project carried on in all its eclectic aspects since 2000 by Gaetano Fontanazza (Pseudo: guitars, vocals, programming) and Ermanno Modeo (Manb: synths, samples).

Throughout the years the duo takes up the most diverse forms of electronic music, going from trip-hop to synth-pop, to drum and bass, all the way to the most extreme experimentations, giving birth to intense pages of ambient-glitch-edm.

When not busy writing “songs”, improvisation and extemporaneous soundtracking are NenTE’s main features.

We can find proof of this varied path in their several selfproduced online releases, up until the recent “Before the dark”.

- Luca Sproviero

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