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2019-07-31 01:17:13

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Artist Profile

Nature is a groove-jazz quartet formed in Dublin, Ireland,by bassist/composer Kevin Higgins. His original material uses sounds and structures from a wide spectrum of African-American music, blending blues, techno, jazz and dub.

Nature has played the Bray Jazz Festival, the "Jazz Is..." Festival, and many Dublin venues. In the spring of 2012, after more than a year of gigging and writing, the band entered the studio to document their work so far.

These musicians first met in Newpark Music Centre - Ireland's top jazz school - while studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance. Tommy Gray on drums brings years of experience with reggae production, funk session work and regular jazz gigging. Kevin Higgins (bass) started off in blues bands, but absorbed hip hop and techno sounds while playing with acid-rock trio Mescalito. Guitarist Chris Guilfoyle mixes math-rock, punk and jazz into an aggressive style, which he showcases in his own group, Umbra. Finally, Georgia Cusack contributes distinctive and often delicate vocals equally at home in free jazz or neo-soul.

Nature's future ambitions include exploring new rhythmic and sonic concepts, further recording, and touring to bring more grooves to more people!

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