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2019-07-30 17:33:45

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Artist Profile

Misdea (live) Soundracking is a musical project dedicated exclusively to the composition of soundtracks to art exhibitions , plays, films, readings, dance performances, audio books and any other artistical forms that may need a musical comment – also performed live.

The duo begins in 2008 based on Gabriella Marchi's idea: the painter sees in the two performers a complementarity and syntony perfect to collaborate with her to the soundtracking of the exhibition "Le Forme-Non Forme" ("The Non Form-Forms"). [Lodi, Dec. 2008- Jan. 2009; Abbadia San Salvatore (Si), Aug. 2010] After that, they have worked and/or are still working with Niccolò Fabi, Francesca Sarteanesi, SunflowerFilms, Atelier Clotilde, Emiliano Baiocchi, Erminia Fioti and many more.

January 2011: musical setting to the painting "Colore" ("Colour") by Erminia Fioti, featuring Melinda Ligeti's unique voice.

May 2011: soundtrack to the short film "L'ombra della luce" ("The shadow of the light") directed by Anna Rattazzi and Simone Torrini within a three years project involving elementary school children and residents of a centre for disabled people.

July 2011: musical setting to the collective exhibition within the festival of visual and musical arts ALTERAZIONI with the 6 part suite "Libra" (Arcidosso – GR)

September 3rd, 2011: Live soundtracking to Francesca Sarteanesi's reading, taken from her book "ESATTO – Per continuare a ridere è necessario contraddirsi" (EXACTLY – To keep laughing you need to contradict") within the cultural event "Finding Beauty – mi sentivo responsabile della bellezza del mondo" ("Finding Beauty – I felt responsible for the Beauty in the world") in collaboration with Clotilde atelier (Orto de' Pecci - Siena).

September 17th, 2011: with Barbara Tinti and "Convivenze", a Sunflower Film by Convivenze (directed by Niccolò Fabi). Performance on the topic of "coexisting" featuring Cantiere Teatrale La Compagnia di Viaggio, Azzonzo, Sara Lusini, La Scena Muta and Teatro delle Arti Distratte (Teatro dante, Campi Bisenzio – Florence)

December 4th, 2011: live soundtracking to Emiliano Baiocchi's exhibition "Acetilene – Visioni e Suoni dal Ventre della Montagna" ("Acetilene – Vision and Sounds from the Womb of the Mountain") [Abbadia San Salvatore, Siena)

Misdea is:

Norman Baiocchi (Sétamùr, Liberal Carme, Arcadia Wind Orchestra, OQDO, Tantomdoora, Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento...)

Mike Marchionni (Quiet In The Cave, Sétamùr, minimum, S.I.E.L.E.)

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