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Melinda Ligeti

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:33:24

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Artist Profile

Melinda Ligeti was born on January 2, 1978, in Pančevo. At the age of 6 she gets her first violin lessons, sharing an early passion for piano , singing and composing too. At the age of 16 she passes the entry exams for composition and orchestration departement at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Graduated in 2002, under professor Vlastimir Trajković and his assistent Isidora Žebeljan.

Melinda's interests expand in lots of directions, especially in the field of non-clasical, alternative music. She formed and took active part in few bands that had been performing her nu-jazz compositions (with Borivoj Nikolić, Milan Đorđijevski, Vladan Stojanov). At the moment her active nu-jazz ensemble is Melinda Ligeti Trio (with Milan Despotovski and Ljuba Milošević, with Bojan Boljanac as guest musician).

In 2011 a fruitful musical interaction came to life between Melinda and Norman Baiocchi, an italian multitalented, versatile musician (Sétamùr, Liberal Carme, Misdea, O Q D O, Tantomdoora, Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento). Their first public performance took place in Trappola Acustica studio in Piancastagnaio, Italy, which was at the same time recorded and later released as their first EP „5 Coins in a Wishing Well" as Sétamùr duo. It was sold out in Italy, Serbia, France, Canada and Australia. Sétamùr as a group alongside with Mike Marchionni, Carlo Fabbrini, Stefano Pintus, Francesco Pititto and Daniele Belloni, recorded their first album „Hvala” in Belgrade at Hill River Studios with Srđan Zdravković, and Iva Ugrčić, Ana Brateljević and Bojan Boljanac as special guests. The official release of the album is expected to happen during 2012, after the process of final mastering by Stefano Bechini.

Melinda also takes an active role as a soundtrack composer of the "Superserious Superficials" architectural movie series created by the young avantguard architect Nenad Simić (Brutal Office, Belgrade) which explores the new multimedia forms of hybrid artistic representation.

Melinda's complete piano opus has been recorded on the Piano Music CD in 2005, with a support from SO Pančevo, performed by Marija Ligeti Balint, an extraordinary pianist who specialized in performing contemporary piano music. It contains 23 compositions, from which the „Silent Waltz” was the one that became obligatory composition at the „Young For Justice And Piece” piano competition held in Kragujevac in 2007, organized by Donne in Musica association with Vojna Nešić. She was invited as a jury member on the same ocassion. „A Smile Of Our Baby” for piano 6 hands, „Christmas Wish” for 4 hands, and „Anno Domini” for 2 pianos, have been performed and recorded by Marija, who also comissioned 3 works for her solo concert of avantguard piano music in 2008: „Eternal”, „Reflections”, and „Landscape of a Newborn Planet”, adapted for live performance with improvised piano.

The „Reflections” are once again adapted with adding vocal layers for the purpose of ATTRAVERSO L'OBLIO, photo-sensory exhibition by amazing italian photographer Roberta Demeglio. „The Green Escape”, „This Is It”, „Circus” and „Requiem for a Breakup” is the music that evolved as a result of collaboration with modern ballet coreographer Aleksandra Malijar. „Circus” is the music that found its place alongside with Misdea, Sétamùr and Liberal Carme, in the short movie called „L'ombra della luce”, directed by Anna Rattazzi and Simone Torrini.

Selected works:

- „5 Haiku Songs” for mezzosoprano and piano (broadcasted on serbian Studio B radio station)

- „Finsteren Zeiten” for soprano, oboe, piano and harpsichord, based on the Bertold Brecht poem „An die Nachgeborenen”

- „Eisberg” for string orchestra, recorded in 1998, at the studio of Faculty of Music, by St. George string orchestra, premierly performed in 2011 by Jovan Bandur string orchestra, with Bojana Matorkić Ivanović as a conducter.

- „Om” for flute, marimba, piano and stones, performed at Belgrade City Hall on the Concert of Young Serbian Composers organized by BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival in 1997) and also at the celebration of 60th Anniversary of Faculty of Music.

- „Sherlock in Wonderland” for 3 violins

- „Jazzy Day” and „Mellow” for saxophone and piano

- „Yellow Blues” for trumpet and piano (comissioned by prof. Boris Matijević, performed numerous times on brass competitions in Serbia)

- „Affetti”, 13 movement suite for wind quintet, 2 violins, violoncello, vibraphone and timpani (performed at 9th International Tribune of Composers, Belgrade in year 2000)

- „Ave Maria” for female choir (premierly performed by PSCPD, Orthodox Church choir, conducted by miss Vera Carina, on 250th anniversary of Catholic Church in Pancevo, in the year 2007)

- „Gloria” for mixed choir ( PSCPD performed it at Choirs Among Frescoes festival in Belgrade, where both the choir and the conductor (miss Vera Carina) got the special prize for contemporary music performance thanks to this piece)

Melinda is a member of international association Donne in Musica, as well as the Serbian Composers Association.

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