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Acustronica : Paspreture

Released on
Playtime: 26:01 - 256kb/s - 39.02 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/04/25 18:10h



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Release Notes

„Paspreture” is a kind of an inner journey based on the music I was composing and recording in the last 10 years - music that was made in my past, that led me to my future, which became my present in all senses.. I made a choice of these 8 particular songs that represent my musical paths the best way. They are not sorted chronologically, but emotionally, with a special attention to atmosphere they possess.. The opening song „Landscape of a Newborn Planet” is of great significance for me, cause I sampled my baby son’s laughter, so whenever I listen to it, I can’t wait the end to hear that sweet sound of eternal happiness and hope - this music is all about that.. „Eternal” had its moment „outside of the box”, with being performed with live improvisational piano by Maria Ligeti Balint at her unique concert of contemporary piano music. „What Can I Do” and „How Long” are inspired by lyrics of Sri Chinmoy. Whenever I listen to „Reflections” I keep seeing Roberta Demeglio’s wonderful exhibition, where this music went in loop during the whole process.. „Blue” is a very simple, truthful, sad song, that got special flavors in various live performances, especially with Norman Baiocchi’s heartfelt guitar line.. „Belgrade Hotel” was created as a soundtrack for quite radical architectural project by Nenad Simić, using the lyrics by Eddie Vedder.. „Lullaby”, the closing song of this EP, again is of great significance for me, just as much as the opening one, ’cause it brought back love and hope in me that got lost on the way somehow.. it helped me start breathing again.. The EP cover is made by Nenad Simić (Brutal Office).

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