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Lost Lanterns

Last Update
2019-07-28 17:42:14

Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Artist Profile

Ian Hawgood and Ben Jones met at university. After working with different bands to make live abstract pop music they decided to work alone on their music using live instrumentation, field recordings and computers. Recording between their homes, (Ben lives in the middle of the countryside somewhere in the UK, Ian lives in Tokyo) they make ambient to electronic to guitar wall music. Their influences, inspiration and instruments run from fields, air, winter, mountains, hills, sunrise, insects, bird sounds, rivers, autumn, waters, secret doors, blue skies, reading books beyond our natural intelligence, rustling leaves, violent beautiful waveforms, that kind of thing…through to using field recordings, rocks, stones, sand, leaves (dry and wet), footsteps, various keyboards, machine drum, various guitars (some nice - ben’s, some broken - ian’s), pianos, old records, computers, tape machines, splicing, circuit bent gear, singing, various percussion, drums, bass, distortion pedals, homemade toys, wandering the hills and forests, wishing birds wouldn’t fly off as you try to record them and late afternoon walks. Thanks for listening, Lost Lanterns

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