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2019-07-30 17:32:38

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Artist Profile

LetKolben began his career in late 2006. His main and most popular style, in which he plays is - minimal techno. Another LetKolben love styles and trends in electronic music: techno, downtempo, dub, click'n'cuts, deep ..., their various mergers and combinations. Earlier in his career, he released an advertising promo CD called "minimal penetration", with his live set-ohms. disc was released with the support of brand Extra. In 2007, on July 23 in light goes project "Other Music" at the joint participation of the DJ and musician LetKolben and DecaDanza promo group. The meaning of this project that would tell many people about other styles and trends in electronic music - minimal techno, techno, downtempo, dub, click'n'cuts, deep, ... as well as ambient, trance, experimental. February 2008 was marked by the release of a new project, a DJ and musician LetKolben, "Kommunikation"! March 21, 2008 in the transfer of "Electronic Warriors" played a two hour set in a live broadcast of the German internet radio Electrogrib Radio - Nuremberg Summer 2008 LetKolben took part in large-scale "KaZantip" and played three sets on the dance floor "MCC" (Mars), "Inside" and "Yes'che" (Kiss fm). Autumn 2008 LetKolben took part in the annual festival of electronic music "Unsound", which took place on September 27 in Minsk! LetKolben played together with renowned European and Belarusian musicians and DJs! They were such names as: i / dex (By): Pole (De): Pinch (UK): Jacek Sienkiewicz (Pol): Andrey Kiritchenko (Ukr): Vulva String Quartet (De): Kassian Troyer (It): Herman Muntzing (Swe): Kadebostan (Ch): enis Kolokol (Ukr-Kaz) In late 2008, signed a contract with the Russian label "Miniral Records", which in March 3, 2009 was the first release LetKolben, titled "Erste palette". At the end of February 2009 LetKolben once again was invited to a big, festival "In Touch" and played two-hour set. The festival was attended by:i / dex (By):Signal (De):Mika Vainio (Fi):Pomassl (At):Cm Von Husswolff (Se):FRUITS (Ru):Andres Loo (Ee):Aivar Tonso (Ee):Alois Huber (At):Herwig Weiser (At) Ptu (Ru):Gintas K (Lt):Love-Fine (Ru):Festival Of Nonexistend Bands ( Ee):Zavoloka (Ua):Chilo (Uk) June 1 release set "Prozent extra", joint work LetKolben and German label Prozent Music. In the set includes 11 different tracks from 9 label releases Prozent Music. 18/01/2010 in Portuguese label "SIdeFX" was the third release under the title "Cucaracha Blanca". In release includes two tracks from LetKolben and a remix from the Italian producer MdM. In January 2010 LetKolben presents his set at the largest radio New York - Digitally Imported Radio Station (DI.FM), in the transfer of "Mix Machine".

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