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Last Update
2019-07-31 13:22:27

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Artist Profile

LAF-O began DJing and playing his original works in 1999, at 2 free events he co-organized in his hometown of Krotoszyn, Poland. Focused on spreading the various forms of hardcore techno from all over the world, LAF-O returned to Canada to write new pieces and hone his skills. In 2001, LAF-O played two major events, headlining the third edition of "Krotoszyn Gabber Gathering" and his Toronto debut, in a 2 hour versus battle against Brainfail at Nightmares: Return to the Underground III in Toronto.

In 2002 he begun contributing to the than budding breakcore/experimental scene in Toronto with C-64, dj Skeeter and Marquis aka Belladonnakillz, and over the next 9 years LAF-O copromoted events via Smerk and Pin:ksox, dj'ed and performed live at shows and events in Europe and Canada, featuring some of the biggest talent in the world of break/hardcore. It was also than he met SCHIZOID, one of Torontos staunchest supporters of DHC sound who suggested he contribute material to a compilation he was co-organizing with Invasion Wreckchords.

Following years saw LAF-O releasing material via Smerk, HMCR and Pendeho, as well as apearing on compilations of Rancorous, Invasion and GOD Rekidz. He developed his unique sound blending hard/break-core and glitch with more accesible styles like dnb, elektro, breaks, not shying away from other non-electronic influences. His sets just like his pieces, are unique journeys with ever changing focus shifts and contrast of light and dark, intense and soothing...

After moving to Montreal he begun work on his 3rd studio album. Playing a surprise set at one of D-Trash evenings in Toronto, LAF-O decided that his material and its thematic content would fit ideally. An album about the dark side of living in GTA on one of the most prolific hard and dark labels in the world. 2 years and many hours later his D-TRASH debut is finally here...

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