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Joel Enzo

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:31:51

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Artist Profile

Joel Enzo turns the knobs, as producer and live-act as well as mastering engineer for Prozent-Music in the right position.
Fascinated by live-act´s he saw in club´s, thru the love to electronic music and driven by the need to create it on his own, he starts to produce his own tracks. This is how the journey with sampler and synthesizer thru the clubs and bars of munich began. The focus of his sets is on the symbiosis between energy and emotion, melody's for the heard and beats for the movement.
In 2009 he released to two EP´s “Fernweh” and “Tagtraum”, a remix of Beatamines “Inspirationsdoping” as well as the live album “Echtzeit” on Prozent-Music. This year he made a remix of Flo Rennt´s "Neper" and for sure there will be more.
His new live-set contains only unreleased material, witch will
come out this year.

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