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Last Update
2018-01-24 8:49:59

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Artist Profile

"Horiso is a one person music project released by netlabels. It's a connetion of improvised music and simple electronics. It's a bit like sound painting or freezing a moment. Years ago i was playing in band and after that i got fascinated in jazz with Tomasz Stañko.I bought a trumpet and some piano midi controller and i've started the most amazing journey of my life."

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Breathe 05 by-nc-sa
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he and other both creatures by-nc-sa
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 Isha Ashi  
Isha Ashi not_specifyed
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 [brhnet11]   view  
view by-nc-nd
by Horiso
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7 Tracks, 1 Artist 25'466 Downloads [i]
 [brhnet10]   Walks  
Walks by-nc-nd
by Horiso
on Breathe
7 Tracks, 1 Artist 7'202 Downloads [i]

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