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Hoodie Woody Freaky

Last Update
2019-07-19 17:43:02

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Artist Profile

Hoodie Woody Feaky is an indie band From Malang, Indonesia. We plays acoustic pop, using and exploring the means at our disposal , including acoustic guitars and beatbox, that turn into an interesting music. The vocal has a soft, warm and deep character, while the guitars flow like a river stream, at times fast and then turning into calm flowing: they mix perfectly with the beatbox's dinamic work. So Hoodie Woody Freaky will present you a freaky yet beautiful music. Music style: The musical nuance that Hoodie Woody Freaky tries to bring out is acoustic pop, jazz, and ballads. Hoodie Woody Freaky’s music has been influenced by Coldplay, while Felix Zenger and Beardyman can be put on credit for making Fikri plays beatbox. Members: Haikal : Vocal , Guitar Ayub : Guitar Fikri : Beatbox

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