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Last Update
2019-07-30 10:19:40

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Artist Profile

'Home by home' is a violent electro/noise/industrial e.p. which see the light in the january of 2003.
The author is Màoro Sanna.
He did it after a year of reflection on the war initiatives of american people in the arabic territories (from Afghanistan to Iraq). An electronics scream against the war, an acid rhythm's mind, a melanchonic dust's noise, sinestathic thoughts, a harsh cut, a chaos order... 'Make War' is a frenetic rhythm of urban guerrilla which prepare the scenary to 'The day is dawning' a song which its different sounds, groovee and rhythm's changes create a dynamics vortex mind. With the last two tracks 'Home by home' and 'Never ending war' Màoro explore some dance dark electro sounds with tribalism, epic beats and straight bassline.
A great noise/electro e.p. which can remember some productions of Ant-zen as Hypnoskull or Converter with some electro dark dance elements.
Amazing, violent, frenetic, danceable: a cold cybernetic battle...(Benekkea)

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