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Last Update
2019-07-31 04:53:25

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Artist Profile

Elektrobi is a solo project of an elektro-macniac from Wrocław, student of sound engineering - Obi. He's been fascinated in sounds since 1998, when he recorded his first cassette (limited edition, only few copies for friends) titled "Na Krawędzi" ("On edge"). After releasing some other cassettes which consisted of live recorded sounds of his Casio SA-5 and Taraban radio, he changed his setup to a PC and some programmed trackers as a shareware. On this equipment Obi has recorded a few cd-r's (still available for fans). Then, the "internet era" has some and Obi started to share his songs with other people and recieved very possitive feedback. You can't consider Elektrobi's music as a ordinary representation of one genre or sub-genre - it's electronis music with enormous variety of sounds and it can't be classified so easy. Most ofen, Obi experiments with many different sounds simultaneously, that's why many people consider his music little "strange". Since some time, he's been more focused on the melodies, structure and arrangement of his songs. "My music is for all people but not for everyone" he said. Obi is involved in some other projects (for example the legendary Mocher Over) and he's open for all offers of cooperation.

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