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Dr. Nojoke

Last Update
2019-07-31 06:15:35

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Artist Profile

Dr.Nojoke was born in Berlin and stayed there since then. His childhood was imprinted by the squeaking sound of mono-kitchen-radio music. His youth was spent in headphone-trips with electronic and progressive music. The music lessons in school were a disaster, but the first guitar came as inevitable as Punk!

At home he did wild experiments with guitar, Casio, synthesizer, organ, tape-recorder and echo-machine. With bands he tried to express himself in Punk, Garage, Beat, Dark Wave, Alternative, Surf, Polka, Dub, Breakbeat and Indie-Pop. Little by little Dr.Nojoke purchased equipment for building-up a homestudio. Together with the project elektroblitz mitte he produced seven film- and seven theatre-soundtracks. Slowly he oriented himself towards electronic music/production.

Since 2002 he carried out solo-performances in galleries, clubs and festivals such as Freerotation Festival (Wales), Festival Paysages Electroniques (Lille), Live Performers Meeting (Rome), Netaudio Festival Berlin and London, Universo Parallelo (Brasil), Truth Club (South Africa), Club Transmediale (Berlin) and many others…

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