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Cristiano Bocci

Last Update
2019-07-25 18:35:03

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Artist Profile

Cristiano Bocci was born in Castel del Piano (GR) in 1975.

His music expands in several directions, moving from jazz to experimental and showing a constant research among acoustic instruments, sound synthesis and live electronics.

He was initiated to music at the age of 6 when he started studying guitar at the local music school and began a self-study of the bass guitar at 14. He studied classical guitar with Maestro Giuseppe Pedicelli until 1993 and later with Danilo Minotti, at CPM Milan and Roberto Nannetti at the Siena Jazz Foundation. In 1995 he took part in the Clinics of the Berklee School at the Umbria Jazz Festival, studying guitar with Jim Kelly and improvisation with Bruce Gertz. He began to study doublebass with Ferruccio Spinetti, at the Siena Jazz Foundation in 1998 and later worked with Ares Tavolazzi, Raffaello Pareti, Saverio Miele, Franco Fabbrini and Silvia Bolognesi.

He started to be interested in avant-garde music in 1993 under the guidance of Maestro Ugo Maccari. In 2001, he held a seminar, at the University of Pavia, on the algebraic analysis of the score of Nomos Alpha by Iannis Xenakis.

In 2006, he founded the collective “Corporazione dei Suoni e dei Rumori”, a group of musicians bound together by a common interest in sound experimentation. He has been a Biarnel Artist, a collaborator and developer of the double bass side, since 2009.

In 2010, he took part in the workshop at the Greycat Festival in Massa Marittima, following courses held by Stefano Cocco Cantini, Piero Borri, Ares Tavolazzi.

During repeated stays in the US, from 2002 to 2008, he discovered the theremin and deepened his competence in Computer Music, with particular attention to Live Electronics and Sound Synthesis. In 2012, he followed a course of experimental music and free improvisation with Alessio Riccio.

In recent years, he has performed in important festivals and on prestigious stages: Premio Tenco (in 2012) in Sanremo (IM), Botteghe d’Autore (in 2011 and 2012) in Albanella (SA), Festival Resistente (in 2012) in Grosseto, Voci per la Libertà (in 2011) in Villadose (RO), Zappa Day (in 2011) in Sarteano (SI), Alterazioni 2011 in Arcidosso (GR), Festa della Musica 2010 in Montalcino (SI), Lucca Comics (in 2008 and 2007), RigoJazz Festival 2008 in Rigomagno (AR), Sarteano Jazz and Blues 2007 in Sarteano (SI), Via Cava 2007 at Parco di Pietra di Roselle (GR), Arena della Musica 2007 a Lucca, Live Rock Festival of Beer (in 2006) ad Acquaviva (SI), Teatro Ariston di Sanremo (IM), Teatro Poliziano di Montepulciano (SI) and Teatro degli Industri (GR).

As a doublebass-player, he has played with Stefano Cocco Cantini, Piero Borri, Francesco Maccianti, Emanuele Bocci, Giacomo Dal Pra, Fabrizio Bai, Francesco Bucchioni and Mauro Perigozzo. He has played - using electronics – with “Compagnia Musicale Le Voci del Vicolo”, “Miwa e i suoi Componenti”, New Border Ensemble (conductor: Mirco Mariottini), Buddha Combo Jazz Quartet and Choobalooba Tireless Summit (with Andrea “Atreio” Marcucci”). He collaborates on theater/dance and visual arts projects and holds seminars on sound synthesis, and its applications to jazz, in various music schools (including the Siena Jazz Foundation).

Selected Discography

As a soloist:

Cristiano Bocci – “Instruments”, Acustronica, 2013

Fabrizio Bai / Cristiano Bocci – “Il Cielo oltre Batignano”, Ed. Six bars Jail, 2011

As musician and/or special guest:

Verdiana Raw – “Metaxy”, Ark Records, 2012

VV.AA. “Voci per la Libertà”, Ed. Cinico Disincanto, 2012

Emanuele Bocci “Un po’ Gabbiano”, Horus Music Group, 2010

Miwa e i suoi componenti – “Go ! Go ! Go !”, Tana delle tigri records, 2008

Le voci del vicolo – “Le voci del Vicolo”, Blond records, 2008

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