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Last Update
2019-07-30 11:00:14

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Artist Profile

One of the oldest bands of Sojus, formed by 3 Hungarian guys back in 1997. They started out with harder, industrial breakbeat, but they’ve changed to much softer music, with some elements of trance as well. A couple of their tracks and remixes were released officially by Hungarian labels, but of course all their tracks can be freely downloaded from the Sojus website. In 2004 they produced their first music video, which was played on Hungarian VIVA TV and French MCM. In 2004 mankii and n0ne left the band due their lifestyle change, but sometimes playing a jam with BCS. Occasionally they perform live, as a live-act or as MP3J.

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 [SJSLP-8101]   Disk O Muzak  
Disk O Muzak by-nc-nd
by Audiotoolz
on sojusrecords
10 Tracks, 1 Artist 20'194 Downloads [i]
 [SJSEP-3104]   Molecules EP  
Molecules EP by-nc-nd
by Audiotoolz
on sojusrecords
5 Tracks, 1 Artist 4'132 Downloads [i]
 [SJSEP-4101]   Recycle EP  
Recycle EP by-nc-nd
by Audiotoolz
on sojusrecords
5 Tracks, 1 Artist 3'834 Downloads [i]
 [SJSEP-3102]   Time Out EP  
Time Out EP by-nc-nd
by Audiotoolz
on sojusrecords
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 4'473 Downloads [i]

Related Labels

sojusrecords [ext] by-nc-nd
Hu, Budapest
28 Releases, 17 Artists
electronica idm dnb noise dj-set hi-fi freaks lo-fi freaks c64 lovers in the cave at the beach experimental to dance to chill analog digital  
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